Need a new look?

Circles Enterprises is a Marketing, Communications, Public Relations & Events Hosting firm that provides a high level of professionalism, experience and innovative approach of a local agency with a global appearance. Circles Enterprises delivers a fresh and creative vision for their clients, whether they are looking for Circles of Services which is our Marketing & PR arm, Circles of Fun which is our interactive networking side or Circles of Learning which is our unique offering to team building with a twist. Circles Enterprises has something to offer that no other firm can offer, we offer a new and innovative approach to doing and growing your business.


Our Circles team is committed to developing the right offering for your company, we believe in taking the approach of looking at your organization from the outside in, developing a fresh and new ways of taking your business to the next level.


Circles of Services Marketing, Communications and Public Relations offers an innovative approach to the way public relations is handle today. Circles of Services delivers a fresh approach and creative vision for their clients. Circles is committed to developing a new and innovative Marketing & PR campaigns for our clients in order to introduce their brands, strengthen their presence and raise visibility in the key market areas. Circles identifies the target audience and position their clients so that they are communicating with the right media, social media, online web presence print, and broadcast.


Circles of Fun takes events to the next level and is at the forefront of corporate event hosting and social needs. Circles of Fun possesses an expansive network out team of experts have the capacity to plan and coordinate any affair of any size and accommodate any number of guests from small intimate gatherings to large scale public events. Circles of Fun takes the Events Hosting and Networking side to a whole new level. We take people and professionals out of their shell and make them play with interactive events, this gives us the opportunity to make sure that everyone interacts and comes together.


A full service design studio committed to creating forward-looking identities and experiences for our clients. We have built our reputation by designing and developing visual identities, websites and digital marketing campaigns that increase value & drive sales. Our attention to detail and innovative, insights plus driven approach help our clients to navigate effortlessly through the branding process, always delivering outstanding results.

From core brand development through to even the most sophisticated visuals, our winning team have the knowledge and attention to detail to create robust, versatile brand identities that can be rolled out seamlessly, across digital and printed marketing collateral.

We drive real & measurable results for your organization