Need a fresh approach?

Circles of Services Marketing and Public Relations offers an innovative approach to the way public relations is handle today. Circles of Services delivers a fresh approach and creative vision for their clients. Circles is committed to developing a new and innovative PR campaigns for our clients in order to introduce their brands, strengthen their presence and raise visibility in the key market areas. Circles identifies the target audience and position their clients so that they are communicating with the right media, social media, online web presence print, and broadcast.

Circle of

Circles of Services is constantly working on generating new stories to secure the right coverage for our clients we believe in using different angles and reaching into new markets. Our goal is to keep your message unique by introducing new creative ideas and angles to the media world. Circles of Services has been successful with creating partnerships and aligning our clients with the right forms of media to assist in their continued success in the market.

Consultative Planning

Everything starts with an understanding of who you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. We identify your goals, objectives and target markets. From there, we move to market research, than we look at things from comprehensive branding initiatives, image & identity to integrated marketing programs , and than our team than constructs a plan geared at marketing your
business/brand forward.

Traditional Media
& Digital Expertise

With over 25 years of experience in traditional media, Circles of Services is proud of the knowledgeable and experienced team that they have put together to help you market your business..We also have the ability to develop strategic marketing programs that can help expand your reach in the marketplace.

Social Business
Strategies & Execution

Today more than ever effective social media marketing offers new & innovative ways to find new customers, convert new and existing visitors to loyal clients and identify new markets for you to expand into. Circles of Services, develops social media marketing programs that fit into your budget.


You have a story that needs to be brought to life, Circles of Services creates Brands, campaigns and messages that make you come alive. Powerful imaging that engages your audience and gives them a desire to be a part of your brand experience. Circles creative & design team is comprised of professionals that can take your message and turn it into a visual experience. Taking your imagination to a whole new level.

PR and

Circles of Services is obsessed with efficiency, and we maintain extensive relationships with top media contacts that are in our market and beyond, those contacts are all waiting to hear about our newest and greatest projects. Because of this, we have key relationships that help us to work faster and smarter for companies of every shape and size. One of the key things that Circles believes in is that no company is too small, we love small to medium size organizations that are looking to grow to the next level. We are truly passionate about promoting your PR and Communications. We work hard to create new and customized creative, strategic plans for each of our clients based on their goals – but ultimately our philosophy is that PR, marketing and communications should not eat up your budget.