Enter into the Weston Power Lunch

Think about it this way, typical networking events are boring!!! If you want to experience something new and out of the box than you you have to join us for the August 2nd Weston Power Lunch. NO Membership Required and no pressure, this event if for business professionals that want to grow their book of business in a different un-traditional way, come and network with a different group of people. Karina and Steve open the doors for business professionals from all areas to come and play in the Circles SandBox, Open your mind and you can experience all that they have to offer, each month they pick a different (Local) charity and Yes Local Charity that doesn’t get and needs the support of the local community. Come Join Us and Experience The Circles way of Networking.

As we round up in the month of August, our charity is Voices for Children of Broward County and we are asking for help in donating sulkies for backpacks for Foster Kids as they start off the school year off on the right foot. We, with your help get the supplies needed so they fell and fit in on their first day of school. If you want to be a part of our efforts than just click or copy the link below, for as little as $29 you can help impact a Foster Kids life.


2019 August PL Flyer Web


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