Networking Events South Florida – Tips for College Students

It’s never too early to start thinking about your career, even when you are still pursuing your college degree. Each year, tens of thousands of new graduates hit the job market, but only those who already have begun the process of making connections in their chosen field have the advantage starting from the very first day.

Networking Events South Florida — Alumni Contacts

Take fullest advantage of your status as a current student. Alumni and other contacts are going to be more likely to want to help you if they know you are associated with their school.

Plus, whatever your chosen field there are almost certainly successful people working in that area who have graduated from your college or university. Contact the alumni office for names and contacts or reach out to high-profile alumni and ask for an introduction.

Networking Events South Florida — Get Out of the Bubble

For many college students, the campus can be something of a self-enclosed society that fosters learning and a sense of community. And while your current classmates may be able to help your career in the future, you are more likely to get the leg up you need right now by breaking out of the “bubble” and making contact with professionals in your chosen field in the real world.

Social media is a great place to start. Search for alumni groups devoted to your field of study and begin the process of developing relationships with members. By the time you graduate, many of these Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, and others may be in a position to guide you toward an entry-level job.

Networking is something that never ends for the successful professional. The earlier you start and the more committed you are to promoting yourself and what you have to offer, the better prepared you will be when it’s finally time to enter the real world after graduation.



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