Voices For Children – Foster Kid Backpack Campaign

Imagine starting your first day of school as a Foster Kid and not having the needed tools to be successful for the entire school year.  Circles Enterprises has launched its Annual Backpack Campaign which runs now through July 15th. Our goal is to purchase and fill 175 backpacks with all the supplies that are needed for a Foster Kid to start the year off on the right foot. We are reaching out to our networking community for your help in us achieving our goal. Last year everybody was awesome, we reached our goal of 150 fully loaded backpacks for Elementary, Middle and High School Students and this year we are up-ing our goal. For as little as $29 for Elementary, $32 for Middle and $38 for High School you can help impact and make a difference in a Foster Child’s life. It takes a community to make this all happen and we have a great team helping, all that we ask is that you click on the link below and help by purchasing the packaged supplies for the Foster Kids.

Once all the supplies are in then we pull our team of volunteers together to stuff all the bags. Sheridan Village Self Storage has been so gracious to give us the space to store and assemble these backpacks and them from there we have an event where we hand out those fully loaded backpacks to the local Foster Kids of Voices for Children of Broward County. Come Join Us and be a part of our Team this year.

We are looking for Sponsors of the backpacks, water bottles, lunch bags and just for people to click and help donate the needed supplies. Come Join us for the next Power Lunch on June 7th at PrimeTime restaurant in the Weston Town Center where you will see the magic happen with our networking lunch.

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