Benefits of Hosting Your Holiday Party in January

Clinking at the partyBy the time the holidays are over, most people are exhausted. There’s just so much to do between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

While the holidays can be fun, they also can be extremely stressful, especially when there are presents to buy, social events to attend, and family to see.

So why add to the stress of the holidays by planning your holiday party at the same time as everyone else. Instead, you can have an easier, more satisfying experience planning your holiday party in January or even February, long after all the other holiday parties are over.

Event Planning Fort Lauderdale — Be the Biggest Social Event of the Season

When you hold your holiday event in January, there’s a bigger chance for your party to be the biggest hit of the season because you aren’t competing with everybody else for the best dates.

December Fridays and Saturdays are jam-packed with things to do. But by the time January and February roll around, people are looking for places to go and parties to attend. So they are more likely to be able to attend your event and spend more time there when they arrive.

Event Planning Fort Lauderdale — A Welcome Relief

Hosting your event in January also means you don’t have to pay premium holiday rates. In fact, many venues, caterers, and other vendors will give you a discount in January because it’s their slowest season as well.

There’s also less pressure to planning your event after the holidays are over because there aren’t as many other things competing for your attention. That allows you to focus on providing your guests the optimal experience without constantly being distracted by other demands in your life.

So if you want to make a bigger splash, pay less, and be able to actually enjoy planning your event, wait until after the holidays are over.



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